Brides looking for a charming couturier wedding dress that can make the perfect dreamy outfit for their fairy-tale wedding should definitely take a look at these extraordinary sleek and sensual Caroline Castigliano wedding dresses pictured below on this page. It seems that more and more brides of today are turning to the classy feminine and romantic look. And in translation, the classy look means the ball gown or the princess A-line style. We are glad to see that more and more contemporary women still want to look elegant and beautiful on the day, and not only unique, unpredictable, original, funky and unconventional or different. It's not enough to wear a distinctive type of wedding dress that can help you make a statement on the day and differentiate your look form other brides wearing white wedding gowns. It's all about looking "suitable" or adequate for a wedding, no matter what formality or theme you've chosen for the event. In our opinion, there is no other silhouette that can offer the bride regardless of her age, physical condition or cultural background and formality the most romantic, attractive and feminine ideal look than the princess or the ball gown silhouette. The form fitted bodice, the strapless necklines and the full flared skirt are the main features that a classy wedding dress presents and can offer the bride. What do you think of this type of gown? We are looking forward to hear what your opinions are on this one. We personally would warmly recommend these fascinating and spectacular Caroline Castigliano wedding dresses too both traditional and modern brides who want the sleek dainty look for the special day. The good news is that these ball gown styles are not only following the same old predictable silhouette that conservative brides used to wear a few centuries ago. The vast majority of couturier's dress masterpieces come in a sleeker shape, made of highly qualitative and expensive fabrics that manage to offer the bride a more refined and elevated silhouette or appearance. In case you are not at all into the ball gown or princess style type of dress, you can rejoice at the fact that you will be able to find lots of unique and ravishing sensual sheath or empire waist silhouettes in this bridal collection. While the ball gown style is more appropriate for formal, and perhaps ample fairy-tale weddings, the sheath styles are more adequate for casual ceremonies planned with a clever sophisticated and perhaps artistic decor. You should choose whatever suits you and your wedding best! We must tell you that all these dresses were made for a special and luxurious 2011 collection dedicated to all women who want to invest more in their look.